Thursday, July 22, 2004

Walking Tall

Natasha walks like a man...uh, woman!

Talk about bizarre!
A 5-year-old black macaque monkey from the Safari Park Zoo outside of Tel Aviv, began walking exclusively on her hind legs after a stomach ailment nearly killed her, zookeepers said.

Two weeks ago, Natasha and three other monkeys were diagnosed with severe stomach flu. At the zoo clinic, she slipped into critical condition. After intensive treatment, Natasha's condition stabilized. But when she was released from the clinic, Natasha began walking upright!

"I was sure that she was going to die. She could hardly breathe and her heart was not functioning properly." said Igal Horowitz, the veterinarian. "I've never seen or heard of anything like this before!" said Horowitz.

One possible explanation is brain damage from the illness, he said. Otherwise, Horowitz said, Natasha's behavior has returned to normal.

Personally, I think this story is much larger than it appears. I think they might be using some kind of experimental drugs on the animals at this zoo! Or, maybe this is the next step in the planet's evolution! That's why I posted the story hear at the 'I Read It On The Internet Blog'. Remember. You read it here first!
(Unless you read it on this page at where I found it!).

"Trust me
This is only the beginning!"

Blame it on the stomach flu if you want, but I personally think this is the evolutionary leap that will usher in a new age of walking monkeys, dogs that can drive a car, and birds that can make cell phone calls! We've officially lost dominance on this planet, people!

You'd better be nice to your pussycat. The revolution has begun!

Damn Dirty Apes!


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