Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Dressed For Excess

Trump's Mo-Hair Suit!

Donald Trump - or 'The Donald' to his friends - has announced he is launching his own line of men's suits, coats, slacks and, possibly, golfing gear.

"This will be high-end men's wear," he told Newsweek. "We already have tremendous interest."
(Tremendous interest meaning the feedback given him by his multitude of staff, family members, hangers-on, aspiring entrepreneurs, and applicants for 'The Apprentice 2').

What The Well-Dressed
Suck-Up Is Wearing This Fall

"Trump is really an icon for the 19- to 38-year-old person who is either starting a business career or who is aspiring to be successful," said Sheldon Brody, chairman of Marcraft Clothes, whose company has manufactured clothing for Albert Nipon, Evan Picone and Russell Simmons' Phat Farm line.

Trump will have a major say in the design of the clothes, Brody said, and the suits will include the three-button, side-vented jacket that is the mogul's preferred style.

Personally,I'd love a suit designed by Donald Trump. It would go great with my Ken Lay Loafers and my Oprah Organizer!

"Shhhh! You'll wake up my hair!"


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