Saturday, January 22, 2005

X-Ray Visions

The Man With X-Ray Visions

Troy Hurtubise is a man of vision. X -ray vision, that is. He has created a device that can see through walls. That's right, an X-ray vision machine!

The 'Angel Light' as Hurtubise has dubbed it, has gotten the attention of MIT, The Discovery Channel, the French government, and Simon barSinister, all who are interested in the various ramifications of a device that has so far succesfully peered through Hurtubise's garage door, as well as metal, tin and lead (something even Superman cannot do!)

Hurtubise and Spaceman With Angel Light Device

He credits his subconscious with the idea. “I had a dream about a year and a half ago as I do for most of my innovations, just a dream, and I saw it, saw the whole casing and everything, and I saw what it could do,” Hurtubise said. “I had the same dream about that three times and by the third time I had it in my head and I started to build it.”

Gary Dryfoos, a consultant and former long-time instructor at MIT, said "there's a Nobel Prize" for Hurtubise if the Angel Light really performs as described. "There are laws of physics waiting to be written for what he's talking about," Dryfoos said.

Good Or Evil?
However, operating the device is not without it's share of problems. Hurtubise experimented on a bowl of goldfish (not exactly sure what he was trying to see!) and the goldfish died. He pointed the X-ray beam of light at a remote-control plane, and the plane stopped flying. He placed his hand into the beam of light, and experienced numbness in his fingers, and a general sense of malaise.

Hurtubise eventually disassembled the device, until the French came a knockin'. The French, Hurtubise adds, have also agreed to pay him a “substantial” amount of money for the technology if it passes rigorous tests in France.

“They couldn’t believe what they saw,” Hurtubise said. “One of them told me it was as if I’d discovered a new universe.”

Hurtubise Is Obviously Excited About His Future