Saturday, November 06, 2004

Onward Christian Soldiers!

Ignorance Is Bliss!

Well, our long national nightmare is.....continuing for another 4 years!
Despite a strong showing in the polls for John Kerry on election day 2004, the American people have made their choice. George W. Bush is the head honcho for a second term.

And despite the absolutely horrendous track record Bush has left us in his first four years with the national deficit, tax cuts for the rich, the blatant disregard for the environment, and the instigator of the invasion on Iraq and stubborn refusal to do anything to prevent the ongoing deaths of our soldiers in that country, it basically came down to the conservative Christians coming out in droves to support W for his strong stance against gay marriages. Way to go, church-goers! Thanks for disregarding all the facts and doing what your preacher tell you to do!

"Fooled 'em again!"

Now, we're left the the slight hope that Bush won't continue his stubborn, arrogant and self-serving ways and lead us into World War III. He's obviously convinced that the American people have spoken, and that the American people are in support of his war-mongering ways. And as far as him doing anything differently about reducing the deficit? Take a listen to this little soundbyte from his first press conference after his re-election:

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"I'm still large and in charge!"

This blog just might become an anti-Bush blog. I'm so disgusted with this guy and his pathetic track record, and his refusal to hear anybody but himself, I might just do it. But then....nah! Too depressing.

Congratulations, America!
Way to be manipulated by fear and archaic family values!

"First things first! Off to Camp David!"


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