Saturday, August 21, 2004

I Have Two Words For You: 'Metal...Rubber.'

Public Service Announcement!

Coming Soon To A
Retailer Near You!

As a public service announcement, from time to time we here at the 'I Read It On The Internet' blog like to keep our readers up to date with the latest and greatest technology on the horizon. And what could be later or greater than what those crazy kids over at are coming up with!

The idea of creating bendable, flexible, electricity-conductible metal rubber is just wacky enough to get our attention hear at the Irioti blog.

Here it is in a nutshell...

A Limber Future

By Laura Allen

"Terrible, horrible things can be done to this millimeters-thick patch of shimmering material crafted by chemists at NanoSonic in Blacksburg, Virginia. Twist it, stretch it double, fry it to 200°C, douse it with jet fuel—the stuff survives. After the torment, it snaps like rubber back to its original shape, all the while conducting electricity like solid metal. “Any other material would lose its conductivity,” says Jennifer Hoyt Lalli, NanoSonic’s director of nanocomposites.

The abused substance is called Metal Rubber, and, according to NanoSonic, its particular properties make it unique in the world of material chemistry. As a result, the company’s small office has been flooded with calls from Fortune 500 companies and government agencies eager to test Metal Rubber’s use in everything from artificial muscles to smart clothes to shape-shifting airplane wings."

With investor interest booming, Metal Rubber could make its commercial debut within a year or so. Although shape-shifting aircraft wings and sensory robotic gloves are on the horizon, Metal Rubber will probably appear first in more humble, practical roles. Abuse-resistant flexible circuits and wires, for instance, could allow you to do terrible, horrible things to your portable electronics—consequence-free.

I first found out about Metal Rubber in an this article at Popular Science and immediately realized that if ever there was a company to invest in...Nanosonic is the one!

If Hollywood ever decides to do a remake of 'The Graduate', I can see it now: During the party scene where Benjamin is doing his best to avoid all of his parent's obnoxious friends, he is sidelined by one of his dad's bud's, and he has one word for Benjamin. Well, make that two words. "Metal...Rubber" Of course, Benjamin, being the horny college graduate that he is, might think he was talking about something else!

Therefore, as my public service announcement for the day, the next time you are trying to decide where to invest your cold, hard cash, think Nanosonic!
Nanosonic!! Nanosonic!!! Nanosonic!!!

Someday soon these people will own the globe!

"Personally, I think it's a Brilliant idea!"

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Dressed For Excess

Trump's Mo-Hair Suit!

Donald Trump - or 'The Donald' to his friends - has announced he is launching his own line of men's suits, coats, slacks and, possibly, golfing gear.

"This will be high-end men's wear," he told Newsweek. "We already have tremendous interest."
(Tremendous interest meaning the feedback given him by his multitude of staff, family members, hangers-on, aspiring entrepreneurs, and applicants for 'The Apprentice 2').

What The Well-Dressed
Suck-Up Is Wearing This Fall

"Trump is really an icon for the 19- to 38-year-old person who is either starting a business career or who is aspiring to be successful," said Sheldon Brody, chairman of Marcraft Clothes, whose company has manufactured clothing for Albert Nipon, Evan Picone and Russell Simmons' Phat Farm line.

Trump will have a major say in the design of the clothes, Brody said, and the suits will include the three-button, side-vented jacket that is the mogul's preferred style.

Personally,I'd love a suit designed by Donald Trump. It would go great with my Ken Lay Loafers and my Oprah Organizer!

"Shhhh! You'll wake up my hair!"

Thursday, August 05, 2004

Pick Programs To Bootleg

Where's "Pick Program To Sell On eBay"?

It was announced today that TiVo Inc., maker of popular digital television recording devices, received approval for technology that would permit users to send copies of digital broadcast shows over the Internet to a limited number of friends.

(keep in mind....'limited number of friends')

The FCC voted to certify digital protections on TiVoToGo - which is not yet available - but would enable a user to record and send a digital broadcast television show to up to nine others who have been registered on that person's service and has been given a key to see it.

(keep in mind....'nine others who have been registered and given a key')

The approval came despite concerns by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) and the National Football League about the risks of unfettered distribution of copyrighted shows and airing regional games outside of their market.

(the NFL?!!)

TiVo'd Dido

TiVo plans to launch a version of TiVoToGo this fall that would allow users to transfer recorded shows to a home computer but has not said when it would launch its version that would allow shows to be shared outside the home.

Personally,I can't wait for TiVoToGo! I will start downloading and copying TV shows like a maniac! Screw the 'limited number of friends' and those 'registered and given a key'!!! I'm gonna send it to whoever I want, and I'm gonna make copies of everything and start selling on eBay like a madman!!!

(keep in mind....I am kidding!!!)