Sunday, July 01, 2007

"We Wants It...We Needs It....Must Have The Precious iPhone!"

"My iPrecious!"

That loud and overwhelming rush of wind you hear is the sound of hundreds of thousands of tech geeks across the country breathing a collective sigh of relief. As of Friday evening, June 30, 2007 the mighty iPhone has finally been released into mainstream society! And those Believers In All Things Apple now are in proud position of their coveted new Precious.

"If Only I Could've
Made It Grow Hair!"

All hail the mighty Steve Jobs - co-founder and CEO of Apple Incorporated - for coming up with the second coming of cell phones. All other cell phones are puny and pathetic in comparison. They should hide their tiny operating systems in shame. (And while we're at it, shame on Verizon Wireless for passing up the exclusive deal with Apple, which would've provided them with the iPhone to sell. Can you hear me now, Verizon? You ba-luew it big time!)

We live in a truly marvelous time. You can sit at your work station and listen to your own favorite tunes. You can drive in your car and receive e-mails. And now thanks to the iPhone, you can sit on the toilet and surf the actual world wide web! Just think, in years to come, you and I will be able to bore our grandchildren with stories like, "When I was your age, I had to read a magazine when I took a poop".

"Hey! Cool Website!"

All kidding aside, this little device is pretty darn impressive. It's a cell phone! It's an iPod! It's a web-browser! It's a camera! It's all of this...and more! And it does it all well. So far, from having played with one of these for several hours, we have not found a single thing to complain about (oh, sure, you can't upload your own can't change the battery, blah, blah, blah). But the things it does does very well!

One of our personal favorite functions - other than scrolling through the pages with your fingers, pinching, then expanding the screen display with your fingers, turning it sideways to watch a You Tube video - is the ability to select and listen to specific voice mails, instead of being at the mercy of listening through several voice mails, waiting for the one you actually want to hear. Brilliant! That alone is worth the pricey $500 - $600 price tag! (well, maybe not)

So, for the record, I Read It On The - which has always been as anti-Apple as possible - gives the iPhone a big iFive. Here's everything else you need to know about the iPhone....

In other words....Resistance Is Futile.

"So Bright...So Beautiful...My iPrecious!"


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