Sunday, November 19, 2006

The 2006 'Worst Living Person On The Planet' Award

Previous Winner

Yes, it's that time again! Time for our annual 'Worst Living Person On The Planet' award for 2006. Better known by it's acronym, the WLPOTP award has gone out to some really, really disgusting humans in the past. And this year's winner honors the tradition in classic style.

And the nominees are:

Nominee #1

Kim Jong Il

This wacko world leader from North Korea had the nerve to try and get the world's attention by setting off some nuclear bombs this year. Unlike Saddam, this ruler is proud of his Weapons of Mass Destruction, and wanted nothing better than to blow something up real good. His threats were taken seriously, until he backed way, way down after China threatened to kick his scrawny ass.

Nominee #2

Osama bin Laden

Still a popular favorite in the 'Worst Living Person On The Planet' running, this loopy cavedweller remained pretty much Missing In Action throughout 2006. He still may make a surprise appearance sometime in 2007, so he still has a good chance at winning next year.

Nominee #3

Saddam Hussein

Loses the award because by the end of the year, he may no longer be living.

Nominee #4

George Herbert Walker Bush

A very close contender for the award, Bush also loses by default because of winning the 'Worst President Ever' award.

And this year's winner for 'Worst Living Person On The Planet' goes to.....

O.J. Simpson

Yes, we are proud to award the Worst Living Person On The Planet award to the man "allegedly' responsible for "allegedly" murdering his wife and her boyfriend, and then not only avoiding any prison time, but now is proudly promoting his new book, "If I Did It", where he supposedly tells the story of how a misunderstood ex-football player with a nasty history of spousal abuse might have been able to slit his wife's throat, along with her boyfriend's throat, and then leave them dying in their own blood. His kids should be so proud.

So kudos to you, OJ! You also win the award for the SWTBB award.
(That's 'Scum With The Biggest Balls' award).

Ach!!! But This Award Is Mein! All Mein!!!


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I bet you think this is cute.

Well I think you are a freaken MORON


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