Sunday, November 05, 2006

Let The Lawsuits Begin!

Don't Go There!

This past week, Universal Tube & Rollform Equipment Corporation decided to file a lawsuit against flavor-of-the-month website That's because Universal Tube & Rollform Equipment Corporation's website, has been inundated with visits from internet geeks around the world who don't know how to spell YouTube, but still want to watch the latest crashing skateboarder video.

In a lawsuit filed last Monday in U.S. District Court, Universal Tube & Rollform Equipment Corporation alleged that the web address confusion has led to more than 70,000 daily visits from retards who don't know how to spell, arriving at the pipe firm's web site looking for videos. Along with increased bandwidth costs (over $2500 monthly, up from $100), the company complains that the traffic increase has led to its servers crashing on multiple occasions and the arrival of web site visitors who "are not the kinds of visitors that Plaintiff wants at its website."

"We prefer visitors who are into tubes," President Ralph Girkins might have stated, had he been interviewed by this website. "We want people who need information about tubes, tube mills, rollformers, fasteners, machine tools, and wire machinery. Not people who want to see cats trained to crap in a toilet." he might have added.

Universal Tube & Rollform Equipment Corporation, which has used the address since 1996 (since it's much easier to remember 'utube' instead of '' which should be their real acronym, just like I Read It On The Internet uses as it's main URL) wants to cease and desist using its web address. Uh...good luck, UTube!

One Very Good Reason To Sue?"

Hmmm! We wonder if this sudden decision to sue YouTube might have anything to do with the fact that Google purchased just last month. After all, just two months ago, YouTube was an entertaining and silly little website that occassionally got into trouble for hosting copywritten videos posted by its users. But now that the site - and its owners - are worth billions of dollars, might the fine folks over at Universal Tube & Rollform Equipment Corporation be smelling a cash cow?!

So now that YouTube has got deep pockets, let's look at some other website that should take advantage of the nation's inability to spell and accidentally wind up at their websites, therefore causing undue stress and strain on their servers....

A site evidently devoted to finding your Arab soulmate, or maybe just a cool Islamic ringtone. They should definitely sue!

Type in this URL, and you're mysteriously redirected to either - a site dedicated to links for aficionados of fine art, or - a site dedicated to kinky sex. Obviously, they've already figured out how to take advantage of those internet geeks who don't know how to spell.

Some sort of internet dating site that encourages people to upload their videos for dating purposes. Actually, YouTube should sue them!

Personally, we at I Read It On The Internet think that YouTube actually should change their name. After all, what does YouTube even mean? It would actually make more sense to be called, or, or, or But YouTube?! Why, that makes as much sense as someone calling their site Google.

Uh....never mind.


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